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Project management

  • Experience on a variety of projects in many industries has taught us how to excel at prioritization and requirements gathering to deliver on time and in budget. 

Podcast and broadcast audio recording and editing

  • 30 years of audio production services has resulted in the clean delivery of high quality production for broadcasting and internet distribution.

Video production and editing

  • 20 years of experience and professional tools combine to create your winning video production. 

System & Software Research

  • 25 Years of research experience and using open source and mainstream programs for data entry/manipulation.

Project Management    
   Project Success 

Using proven tools & techniques. we deliver your projects on-time and on-budget.

 Whether using a waterfall or agile methodology: each of our projects begin with requirement/user story gathering.

 Once this foundation is laid...our tools and techniques really take-off to provide you the transparency you desire thru project completion.


YouTube & Podcast production

Today's marketing plans usually contain YouTube and a variety of podcast delivery services.  

In the early days it was acceptable to upload anything. The production quality was not as important as the message... Today high-speed internet and 4k screens have resulted in more discerning viewership looking for entertainment and quality in the messages.

Celebrating Life & Preserving Memories

Life stories told like never before.  

Each layer of the photos, videos, audio and songs combine to tell the story in these montages. 

 We've been told clients re-watch our montages a dozen times and keep noticing subtle messages between the layers in previous viewings.

Website & SEO

New Physical therapy office in highly competitive market.  Achieved Page 1 search results for all 7 of their high value search terms.

Provided end-to-end procurement and development to successfully launch this Physical Therapy  web presence.

Applied only White Hat,  Google friendly SEO techniques and relevant keyword selection to achieve page one search results in an extremely competitive market area.

Audio Clean-up

Editing for content and time - - We cut and cleaned a series of pre-recorded webinars for visual clarity and edited out extraneous moments to fit the 1:20:00 into 1 hour downloadable videos.
Clean-up, ADR, and matching - - Here is a before and after comparison-Removed background hum & hiss, Soften the "s" "p" (De-ess'ing) and lip smacking.  The original client recorded audio sounded ok on small Laptop speakers, but when using headphone or better speakers they heard many imperfections and wanted perfectly rich sound for their 12 module training program.  

I used a variety of techniques to filters remove noise to create a warm natural sound.